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This New Grain Is Good for the Environment and Good for You—Here’s How to Get Your Hands on It

Publication: Eating Well

Author: Julia Westbrook

You want to start the day with a meal that’s good for your body—and soon, you’ll have one that’s good for the planet too. Cascadian Farm has created a new cereal to help scale up production of Kernza—a new type of wheat that’s poised to turn traditional agriculture on its ear. Here’s how.

What Is Kernza?

Almost all grains are annuals, or plants that complete their life cycles only once before they die. Kernza, however, is a special variety of perennial wheat—developed, in part, by The Land Institute, a nonprofit agricultural research organization—that comes back year after year. Lee DeHaan, lead scientist at The Land Institute, was named a 2017 American Food Hero for his work breeding a more sustainable wheat.

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