Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

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Sorghum Heads in Bags

Nylon bags protect the heads of sorghum plants in a Land Institute breeding plot.

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Marty Christians in Land Institute Research Plot

Marty Christians works with a hoe to clear a research plot of weeds.

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Lee DeHaan Land Institute Lead Scientist

Land Institute scientist Lee DeHaan focuses on wheatgrass breeding

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Wheat Floret Tops Cut Off

The tops of each wheat floret are cut off, giving the technician access to the reproductive parts of the plant.

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Wes Jackson Juergen Voegele Land Institute

Wes Jackson chats with Juergen Voegele, who was among World Bank officials who toured The Land Institute. Voegele is director of the World Bank’s Agriculture and Rural Development Department.

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Tim Crews Land Institute Fish Bowl Meeting

Tim Crews talks of his ecology work during a Land Institute Fish Bowl meeting of scientists.

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Land Institute Technician John Mai Checks Wheat in Greenhouse

Technician John Mai checks wheat crosses in The Land Institute greenhouse

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Land Institute Sorghum Crosses

Annual sorghum crossed with a vigorous relative, johnsongrass, often grows tall. Our goal is to make it winter-tolerant and crop-like.

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Shuwen Wang Checks Maturing Wheat Crosses

Perennial wheat breeder Shuwen Wang checks the heads of maturing crossbred plants in The Land Institute greenhouse.

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