Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

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Going where no grains have gone before

Abstract: Annual-based arable agroecosystems experience among the greatest frequency, extent and magnitude of disturbance regimes…

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Pipeline for grain domestication

Abstract: In the interest of diversifying the global food system, improving human nutrition, and making…

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Perennial sorghum study

Abstract: When developed, perennial grain sorghum could provide an opportunity for more ecologically sound food…

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Crop diversity and disease

Abstract: Global demand for transportation fuels will increase rapidly during the upcoming decades, and concerns…

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Genome evolution of intermediate wheatgrass

Abstract: Intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium (Host) Barkworth & D.R. Dewey), a segmental autoallohexaploid (2n =…

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The strong perennial vision: a response

Abstract: This article was written as a response to Chris Smaje’s review, “The Strong Perennial…

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Perennial Food Security

In August 2013, our scientists helped the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations…

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New roots for ecological intensification

To meet the global food challenge of 2050, and well beyond, there is a growing…

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Insights from evolutionary biology

Abstract: Annual grain crops dominate agricultural landscapes and provide the majority of calories consumed by…

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Reflective plant breeding paradigm

Abstract: Over the last half-century, crop breeding and agronomic advances have dramatically enhanced yields in…

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Changes in soil phosphorus, perennials versus annuals

To achieve robust phosphorus sustainability in agriculture, it will be necessary to reduce unintentional P…

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Wild Plants to the Rescue

Efforts to domesticate new, high-yield, perennial grain crops require patience and persistence—but such plants could…

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