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Energy, water and carbon exchange over a perennial Kernza wheatgrass crop

Abstract The ecological impacts resulting from global warming and conventional agricultural practices are predicted to…

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High proportion of diploid hybrids produced by interspecificdiploid 3 tetraploid Sorghum hybridization

Abstract A perennial version of grain sorghum [S.bicolor (L.) Moench] would create opportunities for greatly reducing…

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Association mapping of leaf rust resistance loci in a spring wheat core collection

Abstract Key message: We identified 15 potentially novel loci in addition to previously characterized leaf…

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Multi-phase US spread and habitat switching of a post-Columbian invasive, Sorghum halepense

Abstract Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) is a striking example of a post-Columbian founder event. This natural…

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Realizing Resilient Food Systems

Abstract Food systems are under increasing pressure to produce sufficient food for the global population,…

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Response to selection in the initial stages of a perennial sorghum breeding program

Abstract   When developed, perennial grain sorghum could provide an opportunity for more ecologically sound…

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Toward the Rapid Domestication of Perennial Grains: developing genetic and genomic resources for intermediate wheatgrass.

Chapter 18 from Applied Mathematics and Omics to Assess Crop Genetic Resources for Climate Change Adaptive…

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SOFIA: An R package for enhancing genetic visualization with Circos

Abstract Visualization of data from any stage of genetic and genomic research is one of…

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GiNA, an Efficient and High-Throughput Software for Horticultural Phenotyping

Abstract Traditional methods for trait phenotyping have been a bottleneck for research in many crop…

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Closing the Gap Between Grasslands and Grain Agriculture

Grasslands are among the biomes that have been most extensively degraded or eliminated by the…

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Fragman: an R package for fragment analysis

Abstract Background Determination of microsatellite lengths or other DNA fragment types is an important initial…

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