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Managing for Multifunctionality in Perennial Grain Crops

Abstract: Plant breeders are increasing yields and improving agronomic traits in several perennial grain crops, the…

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Perennial Grain Legume Domestication Phase I: Criteria for Candidate Species Selection

Abstract: Annual cereal and legume grain production is dependent on inorganic nitrogen (N) and other fertilizers…

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Effect of Puccinia silphii on Yield Components and Leaf Physiology in Silphium integrifolium: Lessons for the Domestication of a Perennial Oilseed Crop

Abstract: New crops with greater capacity for delivering ecosystem services are needed to increase agricultural sustainability….

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Progress and Bottlenecks in the Early Domestication of the Perennial Oilseed Silphium integrifolium, a Sunflower Substitute

Abstract: Silflower (Silphium integrifolium Michx.) is in the early stages of domestication as a perennial version…

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Development of Perennial Grain Sorghum

Abstract: Perennial germplasm derived from crosses between Sorghum bicolor and either S. halepense or S….

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Energy, water and carbon exchange over a perennial Kernza wheatgrass crop

Abstract: The ecological impacts resulting from global warming and conventional agricultural practices are predicted to…

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High proportion of diploid hybrids produced by interspecific diploid x tetraploid Sorghum hybridization

Abstract: A perennial version of grain sorghum [S.bicolor (L.) Moench] would create opportunities for greatly reducing…

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Association mapping of leaf rust resistance loci in a spring wheat core collection

Abstract: Key message: We identified 15 potentially novel loci in addition to previously characterized leaf rust…

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Multi-phase US spread and habitat switching of a post-Columbian invasive, Sorghum halepense

Abstract: Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) is a striking example of a post-Columbian founder event. This natural…

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Realizing Resilient Food Systems

Abstract: Food systems are under increasing pressure to produce sufficient food for the global population,…

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Response to selection in the initial stages of a perennial sorghum breeding program

Abstract: When developed, perennial grain sorghum could provide an opportunity for more ecologically sound food…

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Toward the Rapid Domestication of Perennial Grains: developing genetic and genomic resources for intermediate wheatgrass.

Chapter 18 from Applied Mathematics and Omics to Assess Crop Genetic Resources for Climate Change Adaptive…

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