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Kernza® Perennial Grain Commercialization Panel

2017 Prairie Festival As part of 2017 Prairie Festival, a cross section of experiences and…

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Cracked Up to Be: Living On and Off the Land | Wylie Harris & Ӧzlem Altıok

2017 Prairie Festival Wylie Harris & Ӧzlem Altıok of Seis Flechas Farm and University of…

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Envisioning the Future of Rural America | Brian Donahue

2017 Prairie Festival Brian Donahue, Brandeis University professor, author, farmer, former Land Institute staff, and…

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Ecosphere Studies Update

2017 Prairie Festival A new project of The Land Institute, Ecosphere Studies, update by Aubrey…

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2017 Scientific Research Reports

2017 Prairie Festival The 2017 annual Land Institute research updates, including all science staff and…

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Framework for the Future | Wes Jackson

2017 Prairie Festival Wes Jackson’s featured talk at 2017 Prairie Festival: Framework for the Future.

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Teaching the Value of Work | Cathrine Sneed

2017 Prairie Festival Cathrine Sneed of The Garden Project at 2017 Prairie Festival: Teaching the…

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Letters to a Young Farmer Panel

2017 Prairie Festival A panel moderated by Jill Isenbarger, CEO of Stone Barns Center for…

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2017 Prairie Festival Artist | Karen McCoy

2017 Prairie Festival 2017 Prairie Festival guest artist Karen McCoy discusses her art project for…

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Urban Agriculture and Rural Agrarianism

2017 Prairie Festival The Land Institute president Fred Iutzi opens the 2017 Prairie Festival, discussing…

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Why Farming is Broken (And Always Has Been)

Natural ecosystems are self-sustaining.  For at least 10,000 years, humans have disrupted those ecosystems and…

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How To Make Bread That Reverses Climate Change

Our friends and partners at The Perennial restaurant in San Francisco have been tirelessly supporting…

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