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Sustainable Agriculture Means Sustaining More Young Farmers

Aside from connecting directly with working farmers, General Mills cultivation of the next generation includes…

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Wendell Berry’s Right Kind of Farming

How we farm matters. For the past two centuries, America’s farms have expanded and homogenized,…

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Perennial grain crops inch toward genetic and commercial success

A marketable perennial wheat remains decades in the future while some of its cousins are…

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Why Settle for the Beer Equivalent of Wonder Bread?

Harvest Time approaches and with it a bounty of grains. And yet, while a growing…

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Perennial Versions of Conventional Crops Offer Benefits to the Environment – but are They Ready for Prime Time?

In 2000, noted crop breeder Stan Cox was weary of the Sisyphean task of incorporating…

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Haven’t Heard of Kernza?

As a teenager growing up on a corn and soybean farm on the outskirts of…

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Perennial Wheat Crops Provide Positives for the Future of Farming

Looking toward the future of agriculture in America, experts say planting self-sufficient perennial crops may…

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Perennial Grain an Exciting Innovation

An agricultural revolution is underway in our Midwest prairie region. What sort of revolution am…

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GMO Technology’s Role in the Future of Food Is Not What You Might Expect

Lee DeHaan is a plant geneticist at The Land Institute, where he is developing perennial…

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Gaining Momentum

Part of a big idea hatched decades ago at The Land Institute continues a slow-but-significant…

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How to Get America on the Mediterranean Diet

In 1953, not long before President Dwight Eisenhower suffered a heart attack in office, the…

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Behold Kernza: Could this wheat save the planet?

“The problem that agriculture has faced for 10,000 years is it started with the wrong…

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