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Bill Gates thinks these 5 agricultural hacks can help stop climate change

Here’s a seemingly obvious quote from Bill Gates about how to sustain life on earth:…

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In Twin Cities restaurants, artisan grain use is on the rise

…At a time when headlines about climate are grim, artisan grains are a key to…

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Perennial grain crop – kernza – to be studied in Rice, Goodhue counties

One downside of our current production of grain crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, oats…

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The Shift to Perennialization in Agriculture & the Broader Culture

To maintain annual agriculture, we wipe out perennial vegetation and effectively destroy everything on the…

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Growing a Green New Deal: Agriculture’s Role in Economic Justice and Ecological Sustainability

Propelled by the energy of progressive legislators elected in the 2018 midterms elections, a “Green…

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Perennial grains could be a key weapon against climate change. But not quite yet.

As climate change climbs the chart of existential threats, soil is getting a lot of…

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119 Organizations Shaking Up the Food System in 2019

2018 was a great year for Food Tank. We hosted ground-breaking Summits, innovative events, and…

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Millet anyone? Facing soil crisis, US farmers look beyond corn and soybeans

Shovel in hand, Duane Hager heads for his cornfield and digs up a shovelful of…

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Panelists link food and cultural updating at ‘Nourishing the Change’

MIDDLEBURY — How do we nourish change in agriculture and culture? Five experts approached the…

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The last harvest: My stepfather and the demise of the family farm

In August, my stepfather, Gord Will, announced that this fall would be his last harvest….

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Land Institute Art Project Reflects on Time, Nature

An artist hopes his creation will give people the chance to peacefully reflect and consider…

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Could Kernza become a perennial alternative?

Every year since the 1870s, when turkey red wheat was brought to the Kansas plains,…

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