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Can Planet Earth Feed 10 Billion People?

The Rodale Institute, the country’s oldest organization that researches organic agriculture, gathered 250 samples of…

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Askov Finlayson Giving 110% to Fight Climate Change

To jumpstart their giving while the first measurement is calculated, Askov is pledging to donate…

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New Healthy Soil Guide Gives Cooks a Better Recipe for Climate Change

I’d never really thought too much about the difference between annual and perennial [plants] until…

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Let’s use the right-of-way in a smarter way

While the fact that a honest-to-goodness wheatgrass farm has been established along the shoulder of…

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Kernza more than just a new food trend

You won’t be buying Kernza bread in a Manitoba bakery or grocery store any time…

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Could perennial grains be the next climate-saving superstars?

A new cereal grain more than 40 years in the making is finding its way…

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Next To A Georgia Highway, This Plant Is Helping Fight Climate Change

The plant was bred at the Kansas-based Land Institute from a type of wheatgrass related…

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Farming in the Highway Shoulder: New Pilot Project on The Ray Presents Opportunity for Erosion Mitigation, Economic Opportunity and Carbon Reduction

“This Kernza® perennial grain collaboration will help establish Kernza’s® productive geographic range as demand for…

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Art Center Gets Grant to Bring Science Education to the Movies

The Salina Art Center is one of 36 independent cinemas, museums, and community groups across…

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Plant, reap, repeat – and now rethink.

To produce the wheat for our bread, sunflower oil for our stir-fries and rice for…

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KERNZA – Perennial Wheat for a Healthier Planet

80-85% of the world’s plant-based food supply comes from annual plants. Every year, farmers clear…

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Climate change predicted to reduce size, stature of dominant Midwest plant, collaborative study finds

The economically important big bluestem grass — a dominant prairie grass and a major forage…

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