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Climate change predicted to reduce size, stature of dominant Midwest plant, collaborative study finds

The economically important big bluestem grass — a dominant prairie grass and a major forage…

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Illinois farmers testing new wheatgrass crop

A small group of farmers, including some in Illinois, is pioneering a new crop that…

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5 ingredients disrupting the mainstream food world (and 1 big one that no supplier offers)

Never heard of kernza? It’s the face of regenerative agriculture. The Land Institute has been…

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The Grain That Tastes Like Wheat, but Grows Like a Prairie Grass

For 12,000 years, human agriculture has cultivated grains that are replanted every year, at enormous…

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A new grain – Kernza – finds its way into products

The Land Institute in Salina, Kan., is responsible for domesticating Kernza, and has trademarked its…

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Western State Colorado University in Gunnison will be among the first to host a new ecospheres study workshop developed by the Land Institute

Western State Colorado University in Gunnison will be among the first to host a new…

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Perennial crops on view during research tour

In recent months, the institute captured headlines for its progress commercializing 
perennial wheat — technically,…

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Hudson Valley Farm Hub in Hurley aims to teach a new generation of farmers

Twenty acres of Kernza, a distant cousin to agricultural wheat, has been growing at the…

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Scientist at Salina’s The Land Institute recognized for work creating a perennial grain

Scientists at Salina’s The Land Institute are working diligently to create a new crop from…

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Research updates key part of Prairie Festival

Advancements in perennial grain research will be a key topic at The Land Institute’s 39th…

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Local pizza shop adds new wheatgrass crust option

Athens-based business Avalanche Pizza announced Tuesday that it may be the first pizza restaurant in…

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Demand increases as Kernza aligns with food-maker goals

Demand for grain from Kernza is growing. It’s attracting interest from mid-size and large-scale food…

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