Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

Category: Ecosphere Studies

Author: Omar Tesdell, Yusra Othman, Yara Dowani, Samir Khraishi, Mary Deeik, Fouad Muaddi, Brandon Schlautman, Aubrey Streit Krug, David Van Tassel
Publication: Journal of Arid Environments

Abstract: Climatic change will seriously impact Mediterranean areas. Palestine, which has given forth annual grain based agriculture, is particularly vulnerable given its political and economic situation. Research is needed to…

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Author: Wes Jackson, Aubrey Streit Krug, Bill Vitek, and Robert Jensen
Publication: Ecological Citizen

The development of agriculture is one of the key fault lines in human history, the starting point for the human project of dominating the planet. As the catastrophic consequences of…

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Author: W. Jackson
Publication: Agriculture as a Mimic of Natural Ecosystems, R. LeFroy (Ed.), 1999, pp.39-55

Abstract: Genomes can be regarded as miniature ecosystems which display many of the same characteristics as that of a prairie or forest ecosystem. Human communities may likewise have characteristics common…

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Author: Wes Jackson, Jon Piper
Publication: Ecology, 1989, 70(6), pp. 1091-1993.

Our subject here is “the problem of agriculture” not “problems in agriculture.” We proceed with the assumption that problems in agriculture are primarily derivatives of the problem of agriculture. Download…

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Author: Wes Jackson
Publication: Altars of Unhewn Stone, 1987, New York, North Point Press, pp 77-82.

Author Joseph Kinsey Howard describes a spring day in 1883 in North Dakota when John Christiansen, a Scandinavian farmer, looked up while plowing a field to discover an old Sioux…

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