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Category: Intermediate Wheatgrass

Author: Jared Crain, Peggy Wagoner, Steve Larson & Lee DeHaan
Publication: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution

Lee DeHaan, Lead Scientist of the Kernza® Domestication Program, and key Kernza collaborators Peggy Wagoner (the scientist who first selected Intermediate Wheatgrass as a viable perennial grain candidate for domestication),…

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Author: Angela Brekalo, Damian Ravetta, Yvonne Thompson & M. Kathryn Turner
Publication: Agronomy

Scientists in The Land Institute’s Crop Protection Genetics Program and research collaborators co-authored a paper documenting the impact of nutrient deficiencies on various aspects of plant growth and their implications…

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Author: Patrick M. LeHeiget, Emma J. McGeough, Bill Biligetu and Douglas J. Cattani
Publication: Agriculture

Perennial grain research collaborators in Western Canada released a paper documenting the influence that nitrogen management and intercropping exert over grain yield for the crop. Abstract Intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium;…

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Author: Fiona H. M. Tang, Timothy E. Crews, Nathaniel A. Brunsell & Giulia Vico
Publication: Plant and Soil

Perennial plants are known to add more biomass to soils when compared to annual plants, as evidenced by the rate of carbon accumulation in grassland ecosystems, but less research has…

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Author: G. Vico, F.H.M. Tang, N.A. Brunsell, T.E. Crews & G.G. Katul
Publication: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Climate-resilient crops are becoming increasingly desired as global climate patterns continue to shift. This paper looks at the ability of perennial grains to adapt to warmer and drier growing conditions…

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Author: Upendra M. Sainju, Brett L. Allen, Andrew W. Lenssen
Publication: Agronomy Journal

A long-term study conducted in the northern Great Plains region of the US indicates that perennial crops such as intermediate wheatgrass (Kernza) may sequester greater amounts of soil carbon and…

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Author: Steve Culman, Priscila Pinto, Jennie Pugliese, Timothy Crews, Lee DeHaan, Jake Jungers, Jamie Larsen, Matthew Ryan, Meagan Schipanski, Mark Sulc, Sandra Wayman, Mary Wiedenhoeft, David Stoltenberg and Valentin Picasso
Publication: Agronomy Journal

Research into the productivity of Kernza as a forage and grain crop examines the plant’s profitability associated with its dual-purpose nature, the mechanisms driving increased productivity of the crop, and…

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Author: Alexandra Huddell, Maria Ernfors, Timothy Crews, Giulia Vico & Duncan N.L. Menge
Publication: Science of the Total Environment

Recent research in ecology illustrates the advantage that perennial grains like Kernza (intermediate wheatgrass) possess in reducing nitrate leaching when compared to popular annual grain crops like wheat, as the…

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Author: Jared Crain, Steve Larson, Sajal Sthapit, Kevin Jensen, Jesse Poland, Kevin Dorn, Aaron Thomas and Lee DeHaan
Publication: Crop Science Volume 63 Issue 3

The Land Institute’s Lee DeHaan (Lead Scientist, Kernza) and Sajal Sthapit (Postdoctoral Researcher, Kernza) worked with research collaborators to release this publication detailing the value of the USDA’s National Plant…

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Author: Prabin Bajgain, Jared L. Crain, Douglas J. Cattani, Steven R. Larson, Kayla R. Altendorf, James A. Anderson, Timothy E. Crews, Ying Hu, Jesse E. Poland, M. Kathryn Turner, Anna Westerbergh & Lee R. DeHaan
Publication: Plant Breeding Review, Volume 46, First Edition

This research paper details the improvement of breeding efforts with intermediate wheatgrass resulting from advances in molecular technologies, allowing scientists to focus on producing desirable agronomic traits to create an…

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Author: Elizabeth A. Chapman, Hanne Cecilie Thomsen1, Sophia Tulloch, Pedro M. P. Correia, Guangbin Luo, Javad Najafi, Lee R. DeHaan, Timothy E. Crews, Lennart Olsson, Per-Olof Lundquist, Anna Westerbergh, Pai Rosager Pedas, Søren Knudsen, Michael Palmgren
Publication: Frontiers in Plant Science

New research published in parternship by Carlsberg Group Future Crops, The Land Institute, University of Copenhagen, Carlsberg Foundation, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Innovation Fund Denmark, Lund University in…

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Author: Jared Crain, Atena Haghighattalab, Lee DeHaan, Jesse Poland
Publication: The Plant Genome

Abstract The development of perennial grain crops is driven by the vision of simultaneous food production and enhanced ecosystem services. Typically, perennial crops like intermediate wheatgrass (IWG)[Thinopyrum intermedium (Host) Barkworth…

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