Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

Category: Genetic Analysis

Author: Jared Crain, Peggy Wagoner, Steve Larson & Lee DeHaan
Publication: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution

Lee DeHaan, Lead Scientist of the Kernza® Domestication Program, and key Kernza collaborators Peggy Wagoner (the scientist who first selected Intermediate Wheatgrass as a viable perennial grain candidate for domestication),…

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Author: Ying Zhai, Prabu Gnanasekaran, Romana Iftikhar, Kathryn Turner, David Van Tassel, Eric Cassetta, Terra Lubin & Hanu R. Pappu
Publication: PhytoFrontiers

Abstract: Dahlia common mosaic virus (DCMV) was previously reported to infect only dahlias (Dahlia variabilis). However, DCMV was identified for the first time in association with Silphium spp. The complete…

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Author: Jared Crain, Steve Larson, Sajal Sthapit, Kevin Jensen, Jesse Poland, Kevin Dorn, Aaron Thomas and Lee DeHaan
Publication: Crop Science Volume 63 Issue 3

The Land Institute’s Lee DeHaan (Lead Scientist, Kernza) and Sajal Sthapit (Postdoctoral Researcher, Kernza) worked with research collaborators to release this publication detailing the value of the USDA’s National Plant…

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Author: Prabin Bajgain, Jared L. Crain, Douglas J. Cattani, Steven R. Larson, Kayla R. Altendorf, James A. Anderson, Timothy E. Crews, Ying Hu, Jesse E. Poland, M. Kathryn Turner, Anna Westerbergh & Lee R. DeHaan
Publication: Plant Breeding Review, Volume 46, First Edition

This research paper details the improvement of breeding efforts with intermediate wheatgrass resulting from advances in molecular technologies, allowing scientists to focus on producing desirable agronomic traits to create an…

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Author: Wen Qian Kong, Pheonah Nabukalu, Stan Cox, Robyn Johnston, Michael J. Scanlon, Jon S. Robertson, Valorie H. Goff, Gary J. Pierce, Cornelia Lemke, Rosana Compton, Jaxk Reeves, Andrew H. Paterson
Publication: Plants, People, Planet

Although tremendously successful at feeding humanity, row crop agriculture based on annuals contributes to numerous ecosystem dis-services, ranging from soil degradation and aquatic eutrophication to greenhouse gas production. In contrast,…

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Author: Jared Crain, Steve Larson, Kevin Dorn, Traci Hagedorn, Lee DeHaan, Jesse Poland
Publication: Theoretical and Applied Genetics

Abstract In outcrossing species such as intermediate wheatgrass (IWG, Thinopyrum intermedium), polycrossing is often used to generate novel recombinants through each cycle of selection, but it cannot track pollen-parent pedigrees…

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Author: David L. Van Tassel, Omar Tesdell, Brandon Schlautman, Matthew J. Rubin, Lee R. DeHaan, Timothy E. Crews, Aubrey Streit Krug
Publication: Frontiers in Plant Science

The classic domestication scenario for grains and fruits has been portrayed as the lucky fixation of major-effect “domestication genes.” Characterization of these genes plus recent improvements in generating novel alleles…

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Author: Jared Crain, Prabin Bajgain, James Anderson, Xiaofei Zhang, Lee DeHaan, Jesse Poland
Publication: Frontiers in Plant Science

Perennial grains could simultaneously provide food for humans and a host of ecosystem services, including reduced erosion, minimized nitrate leaching, and increased carbon capture. Yet most of the world’s food…

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Author: Prabin Bajgain, Xiaofei Zhang, M. Kathryn Turner, Rebecca D. Curland, Brett Heim, Ruth Dill-Macky, Carol A. Ishimaru, James A. Anderson
Publication: Agronomy

Abstract: Intermediate wheatgrass (IWG, Thinopyrum intermedium, (Host) Barkworth & D.R. Dewey subsp. intermedium, 2n = 6x = 42) is a novel perennial crop currently undergoing domestication efforts. It offers remarkable…

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Author: Steve Larson, Lee DeHaan, Jesse Poland, Xiaofei Zhang, Kevin Dorn, Traci Kantarski, James Anderson, Jeremy Schmutz, Jane Grimwood, Jerry Jenkins, Shengqiang Shu, Jared Crain, Matthew Robbins, Kevin Jensen
Publication: Theoretical and Applied Genetics

Abstract Allohexaploid (2n = 6x = 42) intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium), abbreviated IWG, is an outcrossing perennial grass belonging to the tertiary gene pool of wheat. Perenniality would be valuable option for grain production,…

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Author: Covarrubias-Pazaran, G; Diaz-Garcia, L; Schlautman, B; and Jalapa, J.
Publication: BMC Genetics

Abstract Background Determination of microsatellite lengths or other DNA fragment types is an important initial component of many genetic studies such as mutation detection, linkage and quantitative trait loci (QTL)…

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