Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

Category: Perennial Rice

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Author: Shilai Zhang, Guangfu Huang, Yujiao Zhang, Xiutao Lv, Kejiang Wan, Jian Liang, Yupeng Feng, Jinrong Dao, Shukang Wu, Lin Zhang, Xu Yang, Xiaoping Lian, Liyu Huang, Lin Shao, Jing Zhang, Shiwen Qin, Dayun Tao, Timothy E. Crews, Erik J. Sacks, Jun Lyu, Len J. Wade & Fengyi Hu
Publication: Nature Sustainability

New research reports that a new high-yielding, long-lived perennial rice with significant environmental, economic, and social sustainability impacts is now being grown in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. Abstract…

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Author: Emma I. Scott, Eric Toensmeier, Fred Iutzi, Nathan A. Rosenberg, Sarah Taylor Lovell, Nicholas R. Jordan, Tessa E. Peters, Esther Akwii & Emily M. Broad Leib
Publication: Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems

Recent research highlights the policy mechanisms and market developments that are necessary to catalyze a shift toward perennial agriculture systems that provide more substantial ecosystem services and greater climate resilience…

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