Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

Category: Food Production

Author: Nabhan, G. P., Riordan, E. C., Monti, L., Rea, A. M., Wilder, B. T., Ezcurra, E., Mabry, J. B., Aronson, J., Barron-Gafford, G. A., García, J. M., Búrquez, A., Crews, T. E., Mirocha, P., and Hodgson, W. C.
Publication: Plants, People, Planet

Societal Impact Statement Climate change is dramatically restructuring agriculture and damaging crops, food security, and human health, especially in deserts. To radically redesign food systems to buffer against climatic disruptions,…

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Author: David L. Van Tassel, Omar Tesdell, Brandon Schlautman, Matthew J. Rubin, Lee R. DeHaan, Timothy E. Crews, Aubrey Streit Krug
Publication: Frontiers in Plant Science

The classic domestication scenario for grains and fruits has been portrayed as the lucky fixation of major-effect “domestication genes.” Characterization of these genes plus recent improvements in generating novel alleles…

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Author: Prabin Bajgain, Xiaofei Zhang, Jacob M. Jungers, Lee R. DeHaan, Brett Heim, Craig C. Sheaffer, Donald L. Wyse, James A. Anderson
Publication: Journal of Plant Registrations

Abstract ‘MN‐Clearwater’ (Reg. no. CV‐287, PI 692651) is the world’s first commercial food‐grade intermediate wheatgrass [IWG; Thinopyrum intermedium (Host) Barkworth & D.R. Dewey subsp. intermedium ] grain cultivar. It was…

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Author: Jacob M. Jungers, Lee H. DeHaan, David J. Mulla, Craig C. Sheaffer, Donald L. Wyse
Publication: Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment

Abstract: Global expansion of high-input annual grain crops and associated nitrogen (N) fertilizer use can have negative consequences for the environment and human health. Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) leaching from fertilized…

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Author: Timothy E. Crews, Wim Carton, & Lennart Olsson
Publication: Global Sustainability

Non-technical summary: Modern agriculture is associated with numerous environmental predicaments, such as land degradation, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emission. Socio-economically, it is characterized by a treadmill of technological change, increased…

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Author: Stan Cox, Pheonah Nabukalu, Andrew H. Paterson, Wenqian Kong, and Shakirah Nakasagga
Publication: Sustainability

Abstract: Perennial germplasm derived from crosses between Sorghum bicolor and either S. halepense or S. propinquum is being developed with the goal of preventing and reversing soil degradation in the…

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Author: Schipanski, M.E., G.K. MacDonald, S. Rosenzweig, M.J. Chappell, E.M. Bennett, R. Bezner Kerr, J. Blesh, T. Crews, L. Drinkwater, J.G. Lundgren, C. Schnarr.
Publication: BioScience

Abstract: Food systems are under increasing pressure to produce sufficient food for the global population, decrease the environmental impacts of production, and buffer against complex global change. Food security also…

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