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Summer Ecosphere Studies Workshop brings Land Institute, KU faculty, undergraduates together

Art and science come together on the University of Kansas campus this weekend, July 14-16,…

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Kernza could be promising grain, forage crop

Farmers who are looking for an alternative to corn and soybeans — and a crop…

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Seeding New Landscapes: The Kernza Story

Kernza is one of only a handful of new grain crops introduced in the last…

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Can Modern Agriculture Be Sustainable?: Perennial polyculture holds promise

Kernza is on the leading edge of a global effort to develop perennial crops as…

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General Mills Is Making a Big Bet That ‘Kernza’ Is the Grain of the Future

The health food and environmentally conscious crowd always seem to be touting the latest in…

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Is kernza the new quinoa? The maker of Cheerios is investing in the experimental and sustainable grain

A wild cousin of wheat could be the next grain found in popular cereals and…

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Wheat Cousin Kernza Might Come To A Field Near You

The organic grain Kernza could soon come to a field near you thanks to a new arrangementamong General Mills,…

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Climate-friendly perennial grain Kernza gets major new support—from your Cheerios

General Mills announced on Tuesday a commitment to support the commercialization of Kernza, the Land…

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General Mills, Cascadian Farms back development of new wheatgrass

A perennial wheatgrass thought to be better for soil health is getting commercial backing from…

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General Mills invests in ‘planet-friendly’ grain

General Mills, Inc. has approved a $500,000 charitable contribution to support research on Kernza, a…

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Cascadian Farm Invests in Kernza® Perennial Grain with Promising Restorative Benefits for Farms

Cascadian Farm, a pioneer in the organic food movement, and parent company General Mills today…

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General Mills boosts eco-friendly grain Kernza

A sweet, nutty-tasting new grain called Kernza is getting a big boost from food giant…

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