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The promise of perennials: Working through the challenges of perennial grain crop development

It’s early spring, and among a series of brown and barren crop fields, one field…

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Minnesota cultivates the crops of tomorrow

Land Institute partners in Minnesota are working with Kernza® and helping advance agriculture toward perennial…

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After A Long Day Of Fighting Climate Change, This Grain Is Ready For A Beer

If you want to feel virtuous the next time you chug a brewski, consider the…

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How Perennial ‘Super-Wheat’ Could Save the Planet

The formula that American farmers employ to sustain the foundation of the nation’s food system…

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Huntsville scientists explore potential of alternative wheat crop Kernza

Scientists at Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology are exploring the uses of a certain wheatgrass…

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Can taming wild plants help feed a crowded planet?

Some scientists dream of a future in which people can add sorghum, intermediate wheatgrass and other…

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Patagonia just released a beer that’s different from any other brew you can buy

Patagonia’s latest product isn’t a winter coat or pair of boots, but its first-ever line of…

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A New Beer Offers a First Taste of the Grain of the Future

Patagonia Provisions’ Long Root Ale is the first commercial product ever made with the perennial…

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Patagonia Provisions just launched the adventure beer of our dreams

A cooler full of beer is practically a staple of a good day of climbing…

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Cheers to This: Beer That’s Good for the Climate

A new beer from Patagonia Provisions and Hopworks Urban Brewery is made with Kernza, a…

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The Secret Ingredient in Patagonia’s New Craft Beer

Patagonia wants to change our food supply, starting with a brew that features a unique,…

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Solving Climate Change With Beer From Patagonia’s Food Startup

Executives at the outdoor apparel company are sick and tired of Big Food’s greenwashing. Yvon…

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