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Author: Luciana Gonzalez-Paleo, Damián A. Ravetta, Alejandra E. Vilela, David Van Tassel
Publication: Annals of Applied Biology

Abstract Improvements in seed yield during domestication and breeding are frequently achieved moving plants from the conservative syndrome of the plant economic spectrum towards the more acquisitive side, changing how…

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Author: Virginia M. Moore, Tessa Peters, Brandon Schlautman and E. Charles Brummer
Publication: PNAS Vol. 20 No. 14

Program leads from the Legume and Crop Stewardship Programs at The Land Institute released a paper detailing the ability of diverse cropping systems to address critical environmental issues connected to modern…

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Author: Aubrey Streit Krug, Timothy E. Crews and Thomas P. McKenna
Publication: Creating Resilient Landscapes in an Era of Climate Change

In the 2022 book Creating Resilient Landscapes in an Era of Climate Change, a shift to natural systems agriculture, which is modeled by indigenous agricultural practices and the diverse, perennial mixtures found in prairie ecosystems,…

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Author: Emma I. Scott, Eric Toensmeier, Fred Iutzi, Nathan A. Rosenberg, Sarah Taylor Lovell, Nicholas R. Jordan, Tessa E. Peters, Esther Akwii & Emily M. Broad Leib
Publication: Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems

Recent research highlights the policy mechanisms and market developments that are necessary to catalyze a shift toward perennial agriculture systems that provide more substantial ecosystem services and greater climate resilience…

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Author: Elizabeth A. Chapman, Hanne Cecilie Thomsen1, Sophia Tulloch, Pedro M. P. Correia, Guangbin Luo, Javad Najafi, Lee R. DeHaan, Timothy E. Crews, Lennart Olsson, Per-Olof Lundquist, Anna Westerbergh, Pai Rosager Pedas, Søren Knudsen, Michael Palmgren
Publication: Frontiers in Plant Science

New research published in parternship by Carlsberg Group Future Crops, The Land Institute, University of Copenhagen, Carlsberg Foundation, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Innovation Fund Denmark, Lund University in…

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Author: Jarrad R. Prasifka, Kelsey Peterson, Rachel E. Mallinger, David L. Van Tassel
Publication: Crop Science

Ongoing domestication of whole leaf rosinweed, Silphium integrifolium Michx., as a perennial oilseed and forage crop aims to increase yields while limiting decreases in other desirable traits (i.e., trade-offs). Two…

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Author: Wen Qian Kong, Pheonah Nabukalu, Stan Cox, Robyn Johnston, Michael J. Scanlon, Jon S. Robertson, Valorie H. Goff, Gary J. Pierce, Cornelia Lemke, Rosana Compton, Jaxk Reeves, Andrew H. Paterson
Publication: Plants, People, Planet

Although tremendously successful at feeding humanity, row crop agriculture based on annuals contributes to numerous ecosystem dis-services, ranging from soil degradation and aquatic eutrophication to greenhouse gas production. In contrast,…

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Author: Lee R.DeHaan, David L.Van Tassel
Publication: One Earth Volume 5, Issue 1, 21 January 2022, Pages 14-17

Commentary The global food system is highly dependent on grains, the production of which requires annual biomass turnover, which reduces soil health and undermines sustainability. Investments in diverse perennial grain-producing…

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Author: Schiffner, S., Jungers, J.M., Van Tassel, D., Smith, K.P. and Sheaffer, C.C.
Publication: Native Plants Journal

Abstract Silphium integrifolium Michx. (silflower [Asteraceae]) is an emerging perennial oilseed and biomass crop with potential to supply ecosystem services, but optimum seeding dates for establishment are unknown. Our objective…

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Author: Jared Crain, Atena Haghighattalab, Lee DeHaan, Jesse Poland
Publication: The Plant Genome

Abstract The development of perennial grain crops is driven by the vision of simultaneous food production and enhanced ecosystem services. Typically, perennial crops like intermediate wheatgrass (IWG)[Thinopyrum intermedium (Host) Barkworth…

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Author: Kayla R Altendorf, Steven R Larson, Lee R DeHaan, Jared Crain, Jeff Neyhart, Kevin M Dorn, James A Anderson
Publication: G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics

Abstract Intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium) is an outcrossing, cool season grass species currently undergoing direct domestication as a perennial grain crop. Though many traits are selection targets, understanding the genetic…

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Author: John H. Price, Andrew R. Raduski, Yaniv Brandvain, David L. Van Tassel, Kevin P. Smith
Publication: bioRxiv

SUMMARY Silphium integrifolium (Asteraceae) has been identified as a candidate for domestication as a perennial oilseed crop and has a sporophytic self-incompatibility system—the genetic basis of which is not well understood…

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