Transforming Agriculture, Perennially

Category: Perennial Crops


Author: Peter A. Kulakow, Mary K. Handley, James Henson, and C. L. Dewald
Publication: Eastern Gamagrass Conference Proceedings

Abstract: The discovery of a gynomonoecious sex form (GSF) of eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides) has greatly increased our expectations for high seed yield from this species. Reported estimates range from…

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Author: Peter A. Kulakow, Laura L. Benson, and Jake G. Vail
Publication: Advances in New Crops. Proceedings from the First National Symposium New Crops: Research, Development, Economics

Introduction Illinois bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.) MacM.) is a warm season perennial legume of the North American grasslands. Native stands occur in a variety of habitats, including rocky open ground,…

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