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Over the years, The Land Institute has been recognized in popular media coverage as a thought leader on a wide range of issues including agriculture, sustainability, culture, and more.  More recently our perennial crop breeding and ecological intensification research are garnering coverage, and the newly formed ecosphere studies program is attracting attention.  Feel free to peruse this chronological list of articles, or review the articles on a specific topic using the category filters.

If you’re looking for a list of Land Institute researchers’ articles in scholarly journals, visit our Scientific Publications page.

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Publication: Salina Journal

Author: Sherman Smith

A ritual in May in a field near Salina changed Abbi Han’s life. Han had never been a caretaker for plants. Now, the research resident at the Land Institute is…

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Publication: Bustle

Author: Sarah Friedmann

A new United Nations report warns that the world could soon face a global food crisis if key changes aren’t made. As the report described, certain agricultural practices contribute to…

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Publication: BBC

Author: Richard Gray

Follow the Food – a multimedia series by BBC Future and BBC World News – investigates how farmers, researchers and innovators are working to secure a sustainable long-term future for…

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Publication: Wicked Leeks

Author: Nick Easen

Since the dawn of agriculture, farmers have hit the reset button every year. That’s because most are dependent on annual crops, frequently working the soil to suppress weeds and nurture…

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Publication: Dallas News

Author: Ellise Pierce

The company that makes Cheerios, Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs is developing its most ambitious cereal to date. It may be available on grocery store shelves in 2021. Or it might…

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Publication: Paste

Author: Nathan Borchelt

Typically, when a non-beverage-focused brand announces that they’ve released their own line of craft beers, the move feels like a play at hipster vanity and best, and a desperate grasp…

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Publication: E&E News

Author: Daniel Cusick

MADISON, Minn. — Carmen Fernholz’s 500-acre farm in Lac qui Parle County is a modest proving ground for what is being heralded as crop agriculture’s best chance to beat back…

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Publication: Triple Pundit

Author: Amy Brown

I have an unusual box of cereal in my pantry—the first of a kind, you might say. The manufacturer, organic foods brand Cascadian Farm, claims that kernza, the grain that is the…

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Publication: Eating Well

Author: Julia Westbrook

You want to start the day with a meal that’s good for your body—and soon, you’ll have one that’s good for the planet too. Cascadian Farm has created a new…

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Publication: World Economic Forum

Author: Douglas Broom

There’s a new food we are all likely to hear a lot more about in the future. Developed from wheatgrass, ‘Kernza’ is being hailed as a weapon against climate change…

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Publication: The Seattle Times

Author: Colin McCrate

As someone who has spent much of his life working in agriculture, I think a lot about the costs and benefits of various methods of food production. Our food system…

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Publication: West Central Research and Outreach Center

Author: Andrea Johnson

Many consumers are looking for alternative foods that taste great, are healthy and help improve soil health. Because of this great interest, researchers are studying Kernza®, a new perennial grain…

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