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Over the years, The Land Institute has been recognized in popular media coverage as a thought leader on a wide range of issues including agriculture, sustainability, culture, and more.  More recently our perennial crop breeding and ecological intensification research are garnering coverage, and the newly formed ecosphere studies program is attracting attention.  Feel free to peruse this chronological list of articles, or review the articles on a specific topic using the category filters.

If you’re looking for a list of Land Institute researchers’ articles in scholarly journals, visit our Scientific Publications page.

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Publication: Washington Post

Author: Sarah Kaplan

Scientists hope a new kind of perennial grain, Kernza, offers a taste of what environmentally-friendly farming could look like. “It’s so different from anything I’ve baked with,” says my baking…

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Publication: Science Headliners - Linda Hall Library

Author: Eric Ward

Is it possible to raise crops that can feed the world yet have little impact on the environment? Rachel Stroer, President of The Land Institute, believes it’s not only possible,…

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Publication: Des Moines Register

Author: Wendy Johnson

If the taxpayers’ money is going to support agriculture, it should support those who provide ecosystem services. I moved back to Iowa to farm with my family in 2010 and…

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Publication: Treehugger

Author: Sami Grover

Kernza, a perennial alternative to wheat, has a lot of potential. “Daddy, you never eat cereal,” said my youngest the other day, surprised to see me stepping away from my…

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Publication: Project Syndicate

Author: Christiana Figueres

The Land Institute is developing new forms of perennial – rather than annual – staple food crops. Instead of having to sow their seeds every year, farmers will be able to harvest…

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Publication: Brewpublic

Author: Brewpublic Staff

Patagonia Provisions, in partnership with Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) in Portland, OR, has just released Patagonia Provisions Long Root IPA, a traditional West Coast style IPA made with organic ingredients…

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Publication: National Geographic

Author: Robert Dash

From the salad course to dessert, most of the foods on your plate can be traced back to carefully cultivated plants. Even the meat you eat likely comes from animals…

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Publication: Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Author: Bridget Shirvell

While consumer appetites for organic food, clothing and other products have grown exponentially since 2005, less than 1% of commercial spirits, beer and wine is certified organic, according to Nielsen…

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Publication: Minnesota Public Radio News

Author: Dan Gunderson

Don Wyse has long been an evangelist for perennial crops. The University of Minnesota professor, who leads the U of M Forever Green Initiative, now thinks the potential of those…

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Publication: Pioneer PBS

Author: Amanda Anderon

News report from Pioneer PBS in southeastern Minnesota on the newly formed Perennial Promise Growers Cooperative that has an eye towards marketing perennial crops — Kernza®, a perennial grain, to…

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Publication: The University of Kansas

Author: Kirsten Bosnak

LAWRENCE — Five University of Kansas researchers are part of a multi-institutional team awarded a five-year, $12.5 million National Science Foundation grant focused on the restoration of native prairie and…

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Publication: Common Dreams

Author: Siena Chrisman

To build a different system—one that values healthy soils, biodiversity, clean water, and human capital overexploitation and profit at all costs—we must invest in the knowledge that supports it. Soil…

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